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Connect - What is it? Why do you need it? How do you use it?

For All Submitters

EDISS Connect is a user-friendly online registration tool that allows providers to update basic facility information, manage billing NPIs, update lines of business, add or change vendor associations, and select electronic transactions online. The use of Connect is required for all providers.

Setting up your Connect account is easy. The following are some helpful steps to complete the registration process:

  • Make sure you have a billing NPI setup in your applicable payer system.
  • Go to to access Connect.
  • If you get a message stating "Your NPI is registered for another provider," you already have a Connect profile. Speak to an EDISS representative to assist with logging into Connect.
  • After registering in Connect, add transactions for the line of business (LOB) and state in which services will be rendered.
  • Complete transaction changes by selecting Manage Transactions.
  • Transaction requirements:
    • Electronic Payment Advices (835) and Claim Status Requests (276) transactions: Select only one receipt method (including the "I Will/And Or" box for direct submitters)
    • Electronic Claims Submission (837): Select up to two submission methods (including the "I Will/And Or" box for direct submitters)
    • Registration processing timeframe is 7-10 business days. Once a transaction is set up, Connect will reflect "Completed/Approved."
  • To edit your Provider information, go to Account Home
    • Edit Profile - This will allow you to edit your company information. Make sure to select Save.
    • Security Settings - This is where your Connect password can be changed.
      • Note: Connect has a security feature that will require a submitter to login at least once every 60 days or the password will deactivate and need to be reset. At 90 days of inactivity, the user will be removed.
    • Software Settings - This is where you select your software. If you select PC-ACE, complete the Software Licensing Agreement (SLA).
      • Note: The SLA must be completed in order to get PC-ACE assistance from EDISS.

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