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Advantages of Electronic Claims

EDI Support Services (EDISS) constantly strives to educate providers on the ease and benefits of exchanging data electronically. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provides the ability to quickly and efficiently exchange healthcare information in a safe, secure and cost effective way.

The exchange of electronic data has several advantages:

  • Earlier payment of electronic claims - Claims submitted electronically, depending on the line of business, are historically paid earlier than paper claims.

  • Earlier detection of errors - Healthcare information submitted electronically benefits from earlier detection of errors. Different levels of editing are conducted upon submission of the electronic transaction prior to being sent to the payment system. This editing drastically reduces the likelihood of claims being rejected or denied for payment within the claims processing system.

  • Lower administrative, postage, and handling costs - Claims submitted electronically reduce postage and other paper-related expenses while increasing efficiency. By getting an electronic remittance, you will experience increased efficiency if the electronic remittance can auto post to your accounting software.

  • Availability of free software - EDISS provides free billing software, PC-ACE Pro32, for claim submission.

  • Available support - EDISS provides a Telephone Support Help Desk to assist providers utilizing EDI transactions. Click here for contact information and hours of support.

EDI Support Services believes the more we work together to exchange information electronically, the more effectively we can partner to focus on our customer - the recipient of health care benefits. With EDI you are only a click away from being connected. To start submitting claims electronically today visit our Registration page.