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EDISS to End Support of Modem Technology
For All Direct Submitters
With technology and connectivity advancements through the years, modem technology has outlived its relevancy within the Healthcare industry. Noridian Healthcare Solutions (NHS) has begun its efforts to sunset support of modem technologies.
NHS will no longer support modem functionality after October 1st, 2018.
Any provider or vendor who utilizes modems for connectivity and data exchange with Noridian will need to find alternative methods for this transfer. To learn more about this effort, click here.
NOTE: NHS and EDISS cannot assist with making this decision for your organization. We encourage your facility to research and determine which Network Service Vendor fits with your unique needs.


EDISS Medicare Remittance Advice Reminder
Based on CMS direction involving suppression of Standard Paper Remittance Advice (SPR) outlined in Change Request (CR) 10151, EDI Support Services (EDISS) wants to ensure providers are aware of the following: If you are currently registered with EDI to receive the Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and decide to remove the option from EDISS Connect, Noridian cannot revert your remittance back to the ERA. Once the electronic option is removed from EDISS Connect, the following options will only be available for obtaining the remittance advice information:


Medicare Part A Providers:
Part A providers will only have the option of viewing their Remittance Advice information in the Noridian Medicare Portal (NMP), as single-line Remittance Advice only. The claim-level remittance information is also available using the Direct Data Entry (DDE) system. The only way to obtain the full remittance advice again would be to add the 835 transaction back into the EDISS Connect account.


Medicare Part B Providers:
Part B providers will only be able to view their full Remittance Advice in the NMP. To view a Remittance Advice in NMP, providers will need to register for the NMP full remittance advice access.
To learn more information about CR10151 and CMS’s approach to SPR reduction, the following link will take you to the MLN article:
For more information on NMP registration and functionality, please visit:

Production Alerts

Medicare Remittance Advice Delay – 7/3/2018 – Resolved
For Medicare Part B CA, HI, and NV Submitters

The remittance advice for Medicare Part B for CA, HI, and NV for July 3, 2018, have now delivered successfully and are available for download.

Claim Processing Delay – 6/21/2018 – Resolved
For All Submitters

EDI Support Services (EDISS) experienced a processing issue that impacted a subset of files sent between June 18, 2018, at 1:00 PM (CST) through June 19, 2018, at 3:00 PM (CST). 999 and 277CA reports have now delivered. Some submitters may receive duplicate rejections on the 277CA report for these files.

Medicare Remittance Advice Delay – 6/21/2018 – Resolved
For All Medicare Part A and AK, AZ, CA, HI, MT, NV, OR, UT, and WA Medicare Part B Submitters

The remittance advice for the below Lines of Business and Regions that were delayed for June 21, 2018, have now delivered.

Medicare Part A: Medicare Part B:
JE: All Regions JE: CA, HI, NV
JF: All Regions JF: AK, AZ, MT, OR, UT and WA


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