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EDISS Ends Support of Modem Technology
For All Direct Submitters
Noridian Healthcare Solutions (NHS) has completed its efforts to sunset support of modem technologies.
NHS no longer supports modem functionality as of October 1st, 2018.
All providers or vendors that were previously using a modem for connectivity, must now be using a Network Service Vendor (NSV).
For those that have not yet made the switch to an NSV, a listing of NSVs conducting business with NHS can be found here.
NOTE: NHS and EDISS cannot assist with making this decision for your organization. We encourage your facility to research and determine which Network Service Vendor fits with your unique needs.


For All Direct Submitters
EDISS has received an influx of calls from providers requesting their payer IDs. The payer ID indicated in the ISA08, GS03, 1000B NM109, and 2010BB NM109 should all match the line of business indicated in Connect.
For a list of payer IDs for each line of business, select Contractor IDs under the Quick Links section.

Production Alerts

Duplicate Remit Delivery — 11/19/2018 – Resolved
For CA, HI, and NV Part A and AZ, OR, and WA Part B Submitters

EDI Support Services (EDISS) has identified that a subset of CA, HI and NV Medicare Part A submitters that may have received duplicate remits for November 16, 2018. These duplicates should be disregarded.

Medicare Remittance Advice Delay — 11/16/2018 – Resolved
For CA, HI, and NV Part A and AZ, OR, and WA Part B Submitters

The remittance advice for CA, HI and NV Medicare Part A and AZ, OR and WA Medicare Part B for November 16, 2018, are delayed. EDISS apologizes for any inconvenience this causes.

Claim File Processing Delay — 11/13/2018 – Resolved
For All Lines of Business

EDI Support Services (EDISS) is experiencing intermittent processing issues impacting a small subset of files daily. Impacted files are receiving invalid TA1 rejections and these files are being reprocessed by EDISS.

We are working to identify a long-term solution for this processing issue. In the interim, if you receive an invalid TA1 rejection, we ask that you give EDISS 24 hours to reprocess this file prior to calling for assistance.

EDISS apologizes for any inconvenience this causes.


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