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Special Character Usage

For All Submitters

Special Characters used both in file data and appearing as delimiters in EDISS response reports will cause file processing failure. Other Special Characters used in file names will also cause issues.

The following Special Characters within the data cause report files to not generate. If you are missing report files, please review the data for these most commonly submitted Special Characters.

~ Tilde
` Backtick
Extra spaces at the end of elements
"" Two double quotes *

* Two double quote characters in a row. (For example, "Text" is acceptable, but ""Text is invalid.)

NOTE: An apostrophe ( ' ) must NOT be used in CLM01.

Submitters must NOT use the following Special Characters in naming their EDI files:

* Asterisk
^ Carat
: Colon
~ Tilde
` Backtick
' Apostrophe

Submitters can use the following valid Special Characters in file names:

- Dash
_ Underscore
. Period
| Pipe

NOTE: Do NOT exceed 40 characters in file names.

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April 5, 2022