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SSPR Benefits

For All Submitters

The Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) website allows Submitters to reset their passwords at their convenience.

Timely Reset:

For security reasons, all Submitter passwords must be updated every 60 days. Submitters can log into their account to change their password at any time.

Forgotten or Expired Password:

Submitters must use the SSPR website to access their account when a password has been forgotten or has expired.

To reset a password in either situation,

  1. Use the Forgot Password link below the login fields,
  2. Access the account using the security questions and answers created during registration, and
  3. Change the password.

Note: EDISS recommends submitters store SSPR security questions and answers in a safe and secure location where they can be accessed for future use.

To access the Gateway SSPR,

For help using SSPR,

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August 3, 2021