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Understanding EDISS Reports

For All Trading Partners

EDI Support Services (EDISS) is committed to helping Trading Partners read and understand the reports generated by our front-end collection system. The following are some tips to ensure Trading Partners maximize the benefit of the information found on these reports.

The reports are created in a specific order:

  • Interchange Acknowledgement (TA1): Will not generate if no errors are detected
  • Functional Acknowledgement (999)
  • Claims Acknowledgement (277CA)

Reports assist Trading Partners track their claims through the electronic collection process, and to the appropriate payment floor. For instructions on downloading reports, refer to the Reports page at

EDISS requires the ISA13 (Interchange Control Number) element from the inbound file for questions regarding claim submissions. This will specifically be required for Submitters who send more than 500 inbound files per day or in cases where the inbound file is not able to be located. Providing this information ensures that EDISS reviews the correct file. Callers who do not have this may be asked to call back once they have obtained the ISA13 element.

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