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EDISS to End Support of Modem Technology

On April 3rd, 2018, Noridian Healthcare Solutions (NHS) began efforts to sunset support of modem technologies.

With technology and connectivity advancements through the years, modem technology has outlived its relevancy within the Healthcare industry.

NHS will no longer support modem functionality after October 1st, 2018.

Any provider or vendor who utilize modems for connectivity and data exchange with Noridian will need to find alternative methods for this transfer.

Many Submitters who still utilize modems may not be aware of the affordable alternative connectivity options available to them. Network Service Vendors (NSVs) offer many affordable, user-friendly connectivity options which allow Submitters to utilize a secure SFTP internet connection for file transfers.

A list of Network Service Vendors conducting business with NHS can be found below. NHS has worked with the NSV community to highlight their offerings and price points. Selecting the individual links will take you to each of their respective websites for this information.

Additionally, some Billing Services and Clearinghouses who submit to NHS already utilize NSV connectivity as part of their services. Contracting with one of these entities is also an option for any submitter impacted by modem sunsetting. A listing of Billing Services and Clearinghouses can be found here.

NHS and EDISS cannot assist in making a connectivity choice for your organization. We encourage your facility to research and determine which Network Service Vendor, Billing Service or Clearinghouse fits with your unique needs best.

NOTE: If your facility already submits directly with an NSV, or utilizes a Clearinghouse or Billing Service that uses NSV functionally, your submission method will not change.


Network Service Vendor Listing

ABILITY Network, Inc.*

American Health Data Services, Inc (AHDS)*

Axiom Systems, Inc*

Cortex EDI

Dorado Systems*

ECC Technologies' RAPID Network*





"*" – Identifies NSV's who are offering promotional offers to Noridian Submitters