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Understanding Connectivity

This page gives providers information on establishing a connection to Electronic Data Interchange Support Services (EDISS) for the purpose of transmitting EDI transactions.

Understanding Connectivity

The term Connectivity refers to the ability to make and maintain a connection between two or more points in a telecommunications system. For EDI transactions, Connectivity is the ability of the Trading Partner [the entity making the physical connection to EDISS], i.e., provider, Billing Service, or Clearinghouse, to make and maintain a connection from their location to EDISS.

Connectivity Options

How you connect to EDISS depends on the method in which you send data to EDISS.

Providers Using a Vendor to Submit to EDISS
If you submit your EDI transaction(s) to a Billing Service or Clearinghouse, connectivity may be provided by your vendor. Please check with your vendor before attempting to establish connectivity to EDISS.

Providers Submitting Directly to EDISS
If you submit claims directly to EDISS, you must establish and maintain a direct connection to EDISS.

  1. One of the most commonly used options to connect to EDISS via phone line is HyperTerminal. HyperTerminal is a communication software installed on most computers running on a Windows based Operating System version XP or earlier. If you have a Windows Vista or later version you may have to purchase a compatible HyperTerminal program. Although EDISS does not support HyperTerminal, EDISS provides documentation on how to configure HyperTerminal for data transmission.

To make a connection between your office and EDISS, a generic HyperTerminal session is available for download under the PC-ACE link of the EDISS website,

Note: Submitters using a modem will need to work with their internal IT staff regarding modem settings. EDISS will not be able to provide specific settings, due to the various hardware that may be used to establish modem connectivity.

  1. If your company doesn't have modem (phone) capability, connectivity may be purchased through a Network Service Vendor.


Hyperterminal – Dial-Up Connection