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September 7, 2016

Scheduled Distribution

Gateway Transition Timeframe

For All Submitters

As EDISS continues to roll out the new Gateway credentials to Submitters, we wanted to ensure that Submitters know the transition timeframe expectation.

Upon receipt of the new Gateway credentials, Vendors will have 60 days to transition their electronic transactions to the new Gateway. On the 61st day, their legacy credentials will be disabled and submissions or file retrieval in the legacy Gateway will no longer be available.

Direct Submitters will receive a 40 day window to transition into the new gateway. On the 41st day, their legacy credentials will be disabled and submissions or file retrieval in the legacy Gateway will no longer be available.

A Transition List is available on our website containing the Submitter name and date the new credentials were faxed. EDISS encourages Submitters to begin the transition as soon as possible.

Follow the EDISS email distributions and visit our Gateway Transition page to stay up-to-date on current education related to the Gateway transition.

Importance of Verifying Your EDISS Connect Registration Information

For All Submitters

EDISS Connect is the enhanced online registration and testing tool found at https://connect.edissweb.com/.  Your EDISS Connect Account Profile fax number and email address will be used for Production credential distribution and password resets for the ongoing EDISS Gateway transition. EDISS expects Submitters to:

Taking the above action will ensure that new Gateway credentials are received and electronic transaction processing is not interrupted. Instructions on making EDISS Connect profile updates can be found at www.edissweb.com.

Upcoming Workshops for the EDISS Gateway Transition

For All Submitters

EDISS will be hosting several workshops to prepare our Submitter Community for the upcoming EDISS Gateway transition. All Submitters are encouraged to attend the workshop that best fits their current submission method. Upcoming workshops and topics will include:

EDISS Gateway Transition Overview Workshop

EDI Support Services Gateway Transition Overview

Register Now!

1:00 p.m. (CT)

EDISS Gateway Transition for Direct Submitters Workshop

EDI Support Services Gateway Transition for Direct Submitters

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1:00 p.m. (CT)

Duplicate Remittance Advice Potential during Gateway Transition

For All New Gateway Submitters

During the EDISS Gateway transition there is a potential that those utilizing a vendor may receive a duplicate remittance advice. EDISS is delivering the remittance advice to both the old and new Gateways to ensure they are able to be accessed. It is possible that they may be getting a copy from both Gateways. If this is occurring, EDISS encourages providers to work with their vendors.

Reports and Remittance Advice Deliver as Zipped Files

For All New Gateway Submitters

The Bulletin Board System (BBS) for the new EDISS Gateway delivers all reports and remittance advices as zipped files. As this differs from our Legacy BBS, it is important that if your facility currently does not have the capability to retrieve and unzip these files, you will need to work with your IT staff/vendor to ensure that this functionality is available to you.

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