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Software Options

PC-ACE - Claims submission and remittance software

Note: Noridian's installation of PC-ACE does not support the 270/271 transaction.


Understanding Connectivity

The term Connectivity refers to the ability to make and maintain a connection between two or more points in a telecommunications system. For EDI transactions, Connectivity is the ability of the Trading Partner (the entity making the physical connection to EDISS, i.e., provider, Billing Service, or Clearinghouse) to make and maintain a connection from their location to EDISS.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity with EDISS depends on the method used to send data to EDISS.

NHS and EDISS cannot assist in making a connectivity choice for your organization. We encourage your facility to research and determine which Network Service Vendor, Billing Service or Clearinghouse best fits with your unique needs.

  • Direct:
    If you submit claims directly to EDISS, you must establish your secure connection via a Network Service Vendor. A list of Network Service Vendors conducting business with NHS can be found below.

    Once a secure connection is established, direct submitters use the EDISS Gateway System to submit claims.
  • Third Party:
    If you submit through a third party, such as a Billing Service or Clearinghouse, you will work with your chosen vendor and through their interface. They will establish connectivity and submit claims on your behalf.
  • Web Portal:
    Iowa Medicaid Direct Submitters and Billing Groups may also use the Web Portal to conduct batch or real-time transactions with EDISS via the internet.


Network Service Vendor Registration with EDISS

Network Service Vendor connectivity with EDISS is a significant access privilege and an in-depth setup process that requires interested parties to complete multiple steps to achieve.

This page outlines the requirements and process entities need to complete to become a Network Service Vendor (NSV) with Noridian Healthcare Solutions (NHS).


NHS requires all parties interested in becoming NSV's with EDISS to meet the following requirements:

  • Conduct business with more than 25 customers whose traffic will go through NHS/EDISS.
  • Established and purchased connectivity into the Verizon CMSNET Extranet VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding)
    • A signed copy of a Verizon Business Service agreement is required with registration.
  • Established and purchased an additional VRF line through Verizon.
    • A signed copy of the Private IP Extranet Agreement with Verizon is required with registration.

Note: Please do not begin the registration steps below if the NHS/EDI requirements are not yet met.


NHS/EDISS requires the following items to be submitted for Network Service Vendor registration:

  • A completed NHS EDISS NSV Registration Form
  • A signed copy of a Verizon Business Service agreement
  • A signed copy of the Private IP Extranet Agreement

All three items can be emailed to the following address:

On the subject line of your email, please include the phrase "NSV Registration Request" and allow for 24-48 hours for a response.

If you have any questions or concerns around Network Service Vendor connectivity, feel free to email or call EDISS.


Network Service Vendor Listing

ABILITY Network, Inc.

American Health Data Services, Inc (AHDS)

Axiom Systems, Inc

Cortex EDI




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